Jay Gerlach, VP Strategic Marketing and Alliances

Jay Gerlach joins us as VP of Strategic Marketing and Alliances. Previously, Jay led the nCounter product line at NanoString where he enjoyed an incredible 10 year career. Having started with NanoSting when they had fewer than 40 employees, Jay was instrumental to the growth, culture and development of the nCounter Analyzer. He brings deep commercial and product management expertise together with natural leadership and communication skills. He is deeply passionate about transforming scientific discovery to accelerate our realization of Precision Medicine.     

He and I spearheaded the Strategic Partnership that we jointly announced on May 20, 2020 to transform the discovery and collaboration experience for NanoString customers. Today we announced general availability of this solution to every NanoString customer.

Sam Kim, Sales Director

Sam Kim joins us as Sales Director, Global Sales. He brings a wealth of commercial experience from Illumina, BlueBee and GenoLogics. Sam intuitively understands the importance of business flywheels and drove this strategy to rapidly accelerate growth for BlueBee and their compliant-cloud solutions ultimately leading to their acquisition by Illumina. He passionately seeks to simplify data interpretation and integration, having delivered Illumina's Enterprise Informatics and Genologics LIMS solutions to biopharma clients across the globe. 

Please welcome Sam and Jay to our amazing OnRamp Bio team!

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Tim Wesselman

Written by Tim Wesselman

Tim Wesselman is Founder of Rosalind (formerly OnRamp Bio) and CEO since 2013. For the 20 years prior to starting Rosalind, Tim had been dedicated to understanding next-generation servers and storage solutions. Serving as Vice President at Hewlett-Packard, he led strategy & partnerships with the market leaders in big data software, advanced processors and cloud computing. These partners included known names, like FaceBook, MapR, Cloudera and DataStax with solutions that companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Baidu and many others heavily rely on today. Seeing the opportunity to bring this knowledge of advanced computing technology into the healthcare space, Tim founded and launched Rosalind to empower researchers, doctors and drug developers to accelerate genomic discoveries through collaboration so that we all can realize the promise of precision medicine and unlock biology's greatest unknowns.