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Can ROSALIND upload the annotations for my PanelPlus?

At this time, ROSALIND is not able to import additional PanelPlus annotations that were added onto an existing NanoString Panel. However, the annotations for the standard NanoString Panel that has already been imported into ROSALIND will likely have the majority of your annotations available. 

You can still analyze your PanelPlus gene set in ROSALIND because you will see normalized expression values and differential expression results for your PanelPlus customized genes. However, please note that Gene Set Analysis scores or Cell Type Profiler enrichment will not reflect any differences compared to the standard panel. In other words, since annotations are required in order to calculate the Gene Set Analysis scores and Cell Type Profiler enrichment, only the standard panel genes are included for those specific components of the analysis.

An alternative approach that you may find helpful would be to create a custom gene list within ROSALIND. For more information on how to do this, please see How to Create a Custom Gene List.


Please note, if you receive a warning like the one below, see here