Where can I download more information within the Analysis?

Differential Expression:

For Differential Expression comparisons, click anywhere on the image of the heatmap and a .PNG file and .CSV file will download. This will contain a list of the genes that pass the selected filter in the same order that they appear in the heatmap image (see here for how to adjust the filter cutoffs). This .CSV file will provide either the log2 Normalized expression values (for 1 color heatmaps) or the mean subtracted normalized log2 expression values (for 2 color heatmaps). More information on how to adjust the heatmap data and color scheme can be found here.


Looking for p-values and fold change? Click on the icon of a data sheet with two arrows for 'Filters'. Here you can adjust the filters for the differential expression and download a list of the data for each filter by clicking on the cloud icon in the upper right corner. You can select 'All Genes' by using the filter with a red slash on it (see guide here)


Normalized Expression

For Normalized Expression of All Samples, Navigate to Discovery and Analysis and click here:


On this page, clicking the cloud icon will download a .PNG image of the graph. To download a list of your normalized data for all samples, click on the icon of a data sheet for 'Normalized Data' at the top:

Then you will see a list where you are able to download using the cloud icon: