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How do I remove a sample from my analysis for RNA-seq?

You can create new comparisons without them or upload a new copy of the experiment without them

There is no way to completely remove individual samples from an existing analysis without creating a new experiment. Therefore, here are 2 available options:

1. Leave them in, but create new Comparisons that do not have those samples

2. Upload a New Experiment using the Processed Counts without those samples included

Option 1: Leaving them in and Creating New Comparisons

You can create new comparisons that only contain the samples that you prefer to compare and remove the unwanted samples.

  • When creating comparisons using Attributes, you can click 'Edit' to bring up a menu and select which to keep

Option 2: Upload a New Experiment using the Raw Processed Counts

You can quickly and easily create a new Processed Counts experiment with data you have already uploaded to ROSALIND instead of re-processing all of your FASTQ files. See below for instructions:

Steps for re-uploading processed counts:

1. Go to the Download section of your experiment. Open "ROSALIND ready for re-upload as Processed Counts" then select and download the following files:
  • Raw Counts (make sure to choose RAW, not Normalized)
  • Attributes File

2. Then set up a New Experiment using the RNA-Seq (Processed Counts) with these files.
3. During the experiment set up, make sure to DELETE the unwanted sample(s) by clicking the minus sign on the red sample attribute review page:
4. Then you can submit this for processing.
  • Using the Processed Counts file will be faster than re-submitting the FASTQ files and will create your QC plots with your desired samples. You can view and download the QC plots without having to unlock the analysis.
5. We can unlock this for you once it's finished if your subscription level has the feature 'Sample Re-use' (for example, Scientist, Director, Enterprise). 
Please contact support@rosalind.bio if you have any questions or need further assistance with this.