ROSALIND nCounter Tutorial Videos

ROSALIND has a rich video library. You asked, we delivered. Here they all are in one place!

The tutorial video below covers how to set up your first NanoString nCounter experiment on ROSALIND. You'll be walked through our Experiment Design process so that you can feel confident in uploading your data to our platform. 
Set Up a New nCounter® Experiment
In addition to sample correlation heatmaps, MDS and violin plots to view the relation between the expression profiles in your samples, ROSALIND provides multiple metrics to verify the quality of your data. Here's another tutorial to guide you through the interpretation of your ROSALIND Intelligent QC
QC nCounter® Data
Once you've uploaded your first nCounter experiment and verified the QC of your data, you can go ahead and unlock your Interactive Analyses. This tutorial video will walk you through the interpretation of your analyses, as well as how to change the cutoffs for any comparison. 
Interactive Analysis of nCounter® Data-3


Lastly, included on your Interactive Analyses is our Term Exploration, for all standard NanoString panels. This is equivalent to nSolver's Cell Type Profiling module. The heapmap in the default view shows scores normalized across all samples. You can also see scores arranged by attribute by selecting the attribute of interest from the dropdown menu on the left-hand side of your screen. 


Cell Profiler Training