What are the methods used for Meta Analysis?

ROSALIND Meta Analysis clusters the data using K-means cluster for value k=2 to 15, then calculates the optimal number of clusters using the PAM method from R package fpc with method ‘clara’ ( https://www.rdocumentation.org/packages/fpc/versions/2.2-9/topics/pamk), and runs enrichment analysis using hypergeometric tests. Hypergeometric distribution was used to analyze the enrichment of pathways, gene ontology, domain structure, and other ontologies. The topGO R library8, was used to determine local similarities and dependencies between GO terms in order to perform Elim pruning correction. Several database sources were referenced for enrichment analysis, including Interpro9, NCBI10, MSigDB11,12, REACTOME13, WikiPathways14. Enrichment was calculated relative to a set of background genes relevant for the experiment.