Why am I getting a Custom Annotation Missing warning for my Custom Panel?

All genes or miRNA probes in a Custom RLF or Custom Panel analysis will be included in the ROSALIND analysis, but may not have annotations associated with them yet. Therefore, you will still see normalized expression values and differential expression results, but Gene Set Analysis scores or Cell Type Profiler enrichment will not be available in the analysis. 

Many Nanostring Panels are already available on ROSALIND. However, if you have a new Custom Panel with annotations that have not yet been imported to ROSALIND, then you may receive this warning. Please contact support@rosalind.bio and provide the following:
  • "Probe Annotations" file, it is usually is named "ProbeAnnotations_{panelName}.csv"
  • Name of the panel
  • Species
For more information on obtaining a Probe Annotations file, please see page 23-24 of the nCounter Advanced Analysis 2.0 User Guide
*If you are using a PanelPlus, please see here for more information.