Why do I need to provide the Kit Vendor and Model?

Providing the correct Kit Vendor and Model is needed in order to accurately analyze your data

The kit selection is very important for RNA-seq because of how the library preparation creates cDNA and ultimately sequencing libraries, which in turn can reverse-complement the sense mRNA, or add specific primers bases to the beginning or end of the sequence.  These design choices affect the stranding used for calling gene counts, and the read trimming that needs to be performed, respectively.

When the user tells ROSALIND which kit was actually used, ROSALIND can then use this information to accurately analyze the data.  Therefore, if a specific kit is not listed, it's preferable to contact support in order for our team to add this kit to ROSALIND, rather than use 'custom' or the incorrect kit.

Please email support@rosalind.bio if you have questions or need any assistance with this!