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nCounter Advanced Features

Explore our new nCounter Advanced Features and how to apply them to your nCounter journey in:


Experiment Set Up Walkthroughs: NanoString nCounter Experiment Set Up

Guided Training: NanoString nCounter Gene Expression for RCC Files

NanoString nCounter Videos: nCounter RCC Experiment Set Up

nCounter Live Training


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Newly Updated Sections:

NanoString nCounter Videos: nCounter Normalized Counts Experiment Set Up and Quality Control; nCounter RCC Experiment Set Up and Quality Control

Formatting Guides: FASTQ Data Uploads

3 min read

NanoString Masterclass: Custom Pruning of Low Expression Probes

Earlier this month, we launched NanoString Masterclass Series, designed to enhance scientific understanding and...

3 min read

Mastering Nanostring nCounter Gene Expression Data Analysis: A Comprehensive Series

Rosalind is proud to introduce the NanoString Masterclass Series, an educational initiative aimed at equipping...

3 min read

Unleashing the Power of Knowledge Libraries

As the world of biotechnology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, BioPharma institutions are confronted with the...


Discover more with ROSALIND

Learn how to take your data and discovery further with ROSALIND features such as Meta-Analysis, public data import, and collaboration capabilities. 




Interpreting Novel Insights in Meta-Analysis

Learn how to harness the power of machine learning to find patterns across experiments, comparisons, and multi-omics.





Public Data Import 

Import any public data experiment using the BioProject Accession number and ROSALIND will directly retrieve all the files and metadata while guiding your experiment design. 




Create a Collaboration Space

Set up an interactive, instantly available, and viewable shared space with anyone in the world. Space participants can add experiments, explore pathways, change cut-offs, add meta-analyses and add new comparisons all within the shared collaborative environment.


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