These new partnerships are intended to bring powerful new Single Cell Analysis Services to Cancer Researchers. ROSALIND adds a Web-based solution to offer advanced biological analysis and interpretation of Single Cell Clusters in tumor genome profiling experiments. 

SAN DIEGO, CA – April 15, 2021 –

ROSALIND®, a software leader in extracting meaningful insights from diverse pools of life science data, today announced that it has partnered with two Seoul-based technology providers to enable a powerful new Single Cell data analysis solution for cancer research scientists in Asia. Geninus, a leading full-service genomics laboratory, will combine the ROSALIND platform with its Celinus™ single cell RNA sequencing service to enable expanded analysis and interpretation of data, as well as seamless sharing and collaboration across labs and geographies. HELiXrUS, a channel partnership company focused on biological big data and multi-omics, played a leading role in establishing this partnership and will provide local support services for the ROSALIND platform in South Korea and other Asian markets.

This announcement follows the recent launch of ROSALIND’s new Single Cell Analysis solution at the annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting last month. The new analysis module, which enables web-based collaboration and the interpretation of 10X Genomics-generated single cell data, is built on the company’s proven cloud-based platform that is well-known for its intuitive, fast, and easy-to-use tools for analyzing RNA-Seq, NanoString nCounter, as well as many other data types.

Geninus’ Celinus™ is a single cell RNA sequencing service. It allows the direct measurement of gene expression and genetic alteration at scale with single cell resolution to quantify intracellular heterogeneity and characterize cell types, states, and cellular transition dynamics. The service includes support for Single Cell Gene Expression, Single Cell Immune Profiling, Single Nucleus Gene Expression, Single Cell Multiome ATAC, and Spatial Gene Expression (Visium).

"We are thrilled to support Geninus in providing a world-class Single Cell Analysis experience for their customers while simultaneously enabling real-time collaboration within an advanced multi-omic discovery platform," said Tim Wesselman, CEO of ROSALIND. "ROSALIND has developed its large base of users by providing powerful and automated bioinformatic solutions that enable them to focus on their research. This new collaboration is a perfect example of how ROSALIND benefits both service providers and the scientific research customers they serve."

The integrated analysis offering is now available to clinicians, academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies throughout South Korea and other key markets. Celinus is the latest offering from Geninus which also offers CancerSCAN® for profiling solid tumors and the LiquidSCAN® liquid biopsy assay.

"The ROSALIND Single Cell Solution enables the rapid processing of data sets and provides scientists a best-in-class experience for annotating cell clusters and performing comparisons to explore their biology," said Dr. Woong-Yang Park, CEO of Geninus. "Additionally, this powerful platform allows us to seamlessly share and collaborate with our customers, creating an interactive and engaging experience for both them and us."

As a spin-off company from Samsung Genome Institute, Geninus is on a mission to deliver precision cancer care through its proprietary genetic analysis solutions and big data. To this end, Geninus has partnered with the most advanced biotechnology companies around the world to offer a full suite of comprehensive genomic profiling assays that aim to improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients. Geninus currently offers the tumor genome profiling platform CancerSCAN®, liquid biopsy-based LiquidSCAN®, and single cell RNA sequencing-based Celinus™ for serving the needs of clinicians, academic researchers, and pharmaceutical companies. For more information, please visit

HELiXrUS, Inc. is a South Korea based channel partnership company focused on biological big data and multi-omics. Through its partnership with ROSALIND, HELiXrUS will be helping the research and translational life science communities in South Korea and other key Asian markets with the most streamlined and optimized custom bioinformatics solutions. Until now, bioinformatic analysis has been one of the biggest bottlenecks of fully understanding and completing single cell research projects. For more information, please visit



Arizona Milotich

Written by Arizona Milotich

Arizona is a Research Success Advisor at ROSALIND and is responsible for researcher onboarding to the ROSALIND platform. Arizona earned her degree in Human Biology from University of California San Diego. She brings with her extensive experience in technical communication and uses this expertise to implement meaningful design changes for ROSALIND. Endlessly fascinated by Human-Computer interaction she is inspired by ROSALIND’s mission to make bioinformatics a researcher-friendly experience. Customers enjoy working with Arizona for her friendly and knowledgeable instruction of transciptomic and epigenomic studies.