St. Louis, MO /PR Newswire/—Canopy Biosciences, a multi-omic CRO providing NanoString® nCounter® and RNA Seq services to both clinical and research customers, has partnered with Onramp BioInformatics™ to offer their ROSALIND™ interactive data analysis platform for Canopy’s gene expression services.  Launched earlier this year, Canopy has been providing this intuitive platform to customers that have run NanoString and RNA Seq projects.


To learn more about Canopy’s data analysis offerings, please browse the Canopy website.

The ROSALIND platform enables customers to view differential gene expression data from NanoString and RNA Seq experiments in an interactive interface, providing figures and pathway analysis enabling collaboration with teams across the globe.  Canopy’s expertise in running these platforms and interpreting complex data, combined with ROSALIND’s visualization, will give customers a decision-empowering data package – even those customers without dedicated bioinformatics capabilities.

“The ability to dynamically visualize gene expression and pathway analysis while easily collaborating with your whole team is highly sought after, especially at a time when so many team members are working from home.  ROSALIND offers an intuitive platform with access to 50+ databases, including those specific to COVID-19.  We are pleased to bring this to our customers, “ commented Crystal Winkeler, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Canopy.

With the acquisition of Core Diagnostics in December 2019, Canopy has cemented itself as a significant player in the clinical market.  As part of their broader platform for multi-omics data analysis, Canopy has replaced their legacy comprehensive data analysis report with the ROSALIND offering.  Customers receive 4 comparisons included in the package price for NanoString and RNA Seq services, which can be expanded for more complex experimental designs.

Canopy partnered with OnRamp Bio earlier this year and since, OnRamp Bio and NanoString have announced an additional collaboration which will bring features of ROSALIND to NanoString instrument owners in the coming years.  Canopy has been offering ROSALIND services to their customers since January.

Tim Wesselman, CEO of OnRamp Bio said, “We’re very excited to support Canopy’s customers in analyzing and interpreting their RNA Seq and NanoString nCounter experiments. These technologies produce massive datasets and researchers expect immediate results they can trust and put to work to accelerate discovery. Canopy delivers on this promise through the integration of their high-quality gene expression services with the ROSALIND experience for interactively exploring and collaborating on results in real-time.”


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Tim Wesselman

Written by Tim Wesselman

Tim Wesselman is Founder of Rosalind (formerly OnRamp Bio) and CEO since 2013. For the 20 years prior to starting Rosalind, Tim had been dedicated to understanding next-generation servers and storage solutions. Serving as Vice President at Hewlett-Packard, he led strategy & partnerships with the market leaders in big data software, advanced processors and cloud computing. These partners included known names, like FaceBook, MapR, Cloudera and DataStax with solutions that companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Baidu and many others heavily rely on today. Seeing the opportunity to bring this knowledge of advanced computing technology into the healthcare space, Tim founded and launched Rosalind to empower researchers, doctors and drug developers to accelerate genomic discoveries through collaboration so that we all can realize the promise of precision medicine and unlock biology's greatest unknowns.