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OnRamp Featured in GenomeWeb

By Neil Versel on Jul 20, 2017 1:28:27 PM

Cloudian, OnRamp, ScaleMatrix Partnership Eyes Faster, Lower-Cost Genome Analysis.

Written By: Neil Versel

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) - When ScaleMatrix, OnRamp Bioinformatics, and Cloudian decided to get together in an effort to speed up sequencing analysis and lower the cost of data storage, they saw several shortcomings in the genomic informatics market.

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Storage may be affordable for other IT applications, but genomic datasets are massive. They are also complex, perhaps too much so for purely cloud-based technologies. And, perhaps most importantly, there simply are not enough trained bioinformaticians to support the demand for genomics-based research, according to executives from the three companies.

This week, ScaleMatrix, operator of a life sciences incubator and data center in San Diego, announced a three-way partnership with San Diego-based genomic informatics vendor OnRamp Bioinformatics and cloud storage company Cloudian, of San Mateo, California.

The trio of companies is looking to improve efficiency in data analysis by combining their technologies and the ScaleMatrix facility, Cloudian Chief Marketing Officer Jon Toor said.

The 14,000-square-foot ScaleMatrix campus houses a data center and a CLIA-certified genomics laboratory. It also serves as a business incubator and co-working facility for startups in bioinformatics and genetics. That opened in January to serve the burgeoning bioinformatics, molecular analytics, and genetics industries in Southern California.

But the combined offerings are for genomics operations of all sizes and in all locations, company executives suggested.

OnRamp-Cloudian-ScaleMatrix partnership aims to take some of the load off the bioinformatics community.  Click to tweet this quote

Tim Wesselman, CEO of OnRamp Bioinformatics, said that there are perhaps 15,000 bioinformaticians worldwide today, to support more than 2 million biologists and researchers.

"They are heavily bottlenecked for the genomics industry to grow and scale," Wesselman said. "We can't crank them out fast enough from universities. [Researchers] need tools and solutions that speak their language."

Wesselman, a former strategy leader of Hewlett Packard's hyperscale infrastructure group, said that research centers OnRamp works with have expressed confusion about genomic and proteomic data that might help unlock mysteries of certain pediatric cancers. "They contacted us and said, 'We don't know what to do with this data. We don't even know what it is.' They had done beautifully designed experiments, but the data they got back was unintelligible to them," he said.

The new OnRamp-Cloudian-ScaleMatrix partnership aims to take some of the load off the bioinformatics community.

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