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Multi-Omics for Every Scientist

By Jean Lozach on Jun 2, 2020 7:29:21 AM

I’m convinced, and I know most of you are too, that we will not get to a complete understanding of diseases and biology in general without looking behind a multi-omics lens. While NGS radically democratized access to genomics information with RNA-seq, for example, the complexity of other assays like ChIP-seq and the ensuing challenges in combining different types of data analyses have limited the wide scale adoption of multi-omics approaches.

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OnRamp Featured in GenomeWeb

By Neil Versel on Jul 20, 2017 1:28:27 PM

Cloudian, OnRamp, ScaleMatrix Partnership Eyes Faster, Lower-Cost Genome Analysis.

Written By: Neil Versel

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) - When ScaleMatrix, OnRamp Bioinformatics, and Cloudian decided to get together in an effort to speed up sequencing analysis and lower the cost of data storage, they saw several shortcomings in the genomic informatics market.

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