Rosalind is proud to introduce the NanoString Masterclass Series, an educational initiative aimed at equipping researchers with advanced skills for nCounter data analysis. This program is designed to offer scientists in-depth knowledge on how to leverage Rosalind’s enhanced analysis capabilities, such as custom normalization, advanced Cell Type Profiling, and the strategic pruning of low expressors, among other features. 

This inaugural session sets the stage, offering a glimpse into the powerful combination of Rosalind’s platform with NanoString technology. The session highlighted how researchers could transition from sample processing to insightful data analysis within a 24-hour framework, emphasizing efficiency and depth of analysis.

We invite all researchers, from individual academics to teams within biotech and pharmaceutical companies, to join these sessions to enhance their analytical practice. Our commitment is to support the scientific community with precise, efficient, and reproducible data analysis.

You can watch the brief 2 min highlights video, or access the Intro Session replay below:



Session 1: Custom Pruning of Low Expressors (4/18/2024)

Now completed - Replay Available.

In this foundational session, we explored the critical technique of custom pruning low expressors from your datasets. Discover how to efficiently eliminate background noise and concentrate your analysis on the most significant genes for precise and impactful results.

Access the Session 1 Replay, Resources and Key Takeaways

Session (2): Custom Normalization (5/02/2024)
Normalization is essential for accurately comparing gene expression levels across different samples. In our next masterclass, Dr. Ryan Friese will guide you through advanced custom normalization techniques that are adaptable to your specific experimental conditions, ensuring you derive consistent and reliable insights from your data.

Access the Session 2 Replay, Resources and Key Takeaways

Our Next Session (3): Quality Control (5/16/2024)
Quality control is essential for ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of your results. Discover best practices for assessing data quality, identifying potential issues, and implementing effective quality control measures to maintain data integrity throughout your analysis.

Access the Session 3 Replay, Resources and Key Takeaways

Session 4: Pathway Analysis (5/30/2024)
Uncover the biological significance behind your gene expression data with pathway analysis. Dr. Friese will demonstrate how to identify enriched pathways and biological processes, providing valuable insights into the underlying mechanisms driving your experimental outcomes.

Access the Session 4 Replay

Session 5: Cell Profiling (6/13/2024)

Dive into the intricate world of cell profiling and learn how to dissect complex cellular heterogeneity within your datasets. Explore advanced techniques for characterizing cell populations, identifying cell-specific expression profiles, and unraveling the biological complexity of your samples.

Access the Session 5 Replay

Session 6: Meta Analysis (coming soon)
Take your analysis to the next level by integrating data from multiple studies through meta-analysis. Dr. Friese will guide you through the process of harmonizing disparate datasets, performing robust meta-analytical procedures, and extracting meaningful insights from aggregated data sets.

About Dr. Ryan Friese

Dr. Ryan Friese brings a unique blend of expertise in nCounter gene expression analysis, drug development, biomarker identification, and basic research. With a decade of hands-on experience working with diverse sample types, including FFPE, fresh-frozen tissues, and biofluids, Dr. Friese is dedicated to empowering researchers with the knowledge and skills needed to extract actionable insights from their data.



Kuki Gandhi

Written by Kuki Gandhi

Director of Product Management