After conversations with thousands of Scientists, there is stunning lesson in their feedback that every Pharma and Biotech manager should internalize: Collaboration is more valuable than the underlying analysis pipelines.

No matter how great the pipeline, if Scientists can’t explore, interpret and consistently collaborate on a common version of the data then the value invested in the experiment is lost, or simply not realized.

Like dark data, the latent insights in these experiments remain trapped. Interestingly, Pharma and Biotech institutions with a deluge of clinical trial and research data are looking for collaboration tools for their Scientists, not the fundamental analysis pipelines. The implications for oncology research, immunology, drug discovery and disease research are significant.

Developing new analysis tools and pipelines for genomics analysis is really hard and great work goes into this every day. 15,000+ open source applications are proof enough. 

To realize the value invested in our Genomic Data, such as RNA-seq (which represents the greatest portion of the market today), Scientists require Collaboration Spaces, like data rooms, where each participant can add and explore related experiments, change cut-offs and interpret pathways. Each experiment must have a single version of the truth, maintaining state and an audit trail for each interaction and exploration performed by participating Scientists.

Data cannot and should not be downloaded and re-analyzed with different parameters. Nor should the Scientists be required to learn programming or attempt to rely on Excel for these tasks.

Together, Scientists and their Project teams will discover and unlock the value invested in each experiment that they investigate in these Collaboration Spaces. The impact is significant for every participating Project team: accelerating programs, lowering costs and restoring the joy of discovering biology's unknowns!

The impact is significant for every participating Project team: accelerating programs, lowering costs and restoring the joy of discovering biology's unknowns!

Whether you're a Scientist or a manager responsible for teams of Scientists, the key takeaway is Empowerment for your Scientists. The bottlenecks have been cleared and industry is moving forward, quickly. Focus on enabling your Scientists with platforms that accelerate their collaboration and analysis. We owe it to ourselves and society to accelerate genomic insights and solve more of our biological mysteries.  

Putting It All Together

Whether you're a Scientist in Drug Discovery or a Researcher working on Rare Diseases, ROSALIND provides the best experience for analyzing your data and collaborating across teams: 

    • ROSALIND is designed for Scientists who don’t have any prior bioinformatics background and empowers them with deep interpretation and the most advanced collaboration tools in genomics.  
    • ROSALIND Directors harness admin capabilities to share projects and manage team budgets.
    • Advanced real-time analytics reports track usage trends and important quality control metrics. 
    • Project Teams realize immediate productivity gains with same day results.
    • Preserve bioinformatic pipeline investments by importing processed data and empower your Scientists to explore your full library of valuable data.
    • Liberate your data and ensure everyone on your team can collaborate in real-time.

Choose the right plans for your team here, sign up for a Scientist 7-Day Trial or learn more about Enterprise Subscription Plans here.



Tim Wesselman

Written by Tim Wesselman

Tim Wesselman is Founder of Rosalind (formerly OnRamp Bio) and CEO since 2013. For the 20 years prior to starting Rosalind, Tim had been dedicated to understanding next-generation servers and storage solutions. Serving as Vice President at Hewlett-Packard, he led strategy & partnerships with the market leaders in big data software, advanced processors and cloud computing. These partners included known names, like FaceBook, MapR, Cloudera and DataStax with solutions that companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Baidu and many others heavily rely on today. Seeing the opportunity to bring this knowledge of advanced computing technology into the healthcare space, Tim founded and launched Rosalind to empower researchers, doctors and drug developers to accelerate genomic discoveries through collaboration so that we all can realize the promise of precision medicine and unlock biology's greatest unknowns.