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Rosalind® Overcomes Limitations Found in Existing Data Analysis Tools

By Jean Lozach on Oct 11, 2017 3:19:41 PM

Our mission is to transform how cancer researchers and biologists analyze their data (at SCALE)!

Advanced bioinformaticians deserve all of the credit for building state-of-the-art applications to analyze genomic, proteomic, and microarray data.  While these tools remain the lifeline of genomic analysis, more simplified user experiences are now required to empower today’s cancer biologists to focus on their research application, not which software application to use. 

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Pipelines & Data Integration

By Jeremy Davis-Turak on Feb 15, 2017 10:36:00 AM

Challenges and opportunities in the research setting. 

The emergence and mass utilization of high-throughput (HT) technologies, including sequencing technologies (genomics) and mass spectrometry (proteomics, metabolomics, lipids), has allowed geneticists, biologists, and biostatisticians to bridge the gap between genotype and phenotype on a massive scale. These new technologies have brought rapid advances in our understanding of cell biology, evolutionary history, microbial environments, and are increasingly providing new insights and applications towards clinical care and personalized medicine.

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